Hello friends! I'm Kris Straub, and I'm a cartoonist, designer, writer and self-proclaimed humor scientist. I've been producing content online since 2000. You can contact me at this e-mail address. Thanks!
A cosmic horror adventure

Not for the faint of heart! Funded a wildly successful Kickstarter in 2013
Disposable internet humor

Launched in 2008. Three panels per weekday
It's 5 AM somewhere!

A comedy podcast with Mikey Neumann
Chainsawsuit Original

A brand-new video content channel for fans of the podcast
A sci-fi humor epic

Spanning 2005-2012. Currently rerunning at gocomics.com
Community Day 2013

Co-hosted with Mikey Neumann, Chloe Dykstra and Michele Morrow
Card illustration

Illustrated and wrote material for this amazing card game
Two Iron Thrones 2013

Performed on-stage with guests like John T Drake, Ashly Burch, Bobak Ferdowsi and Nika Harper
Namco meets Harvey Birdman

Co-wrote and acted in this ShiftyLook series
Playtesting videos

Joined David Malki ! and friends for these videos, with more to come in 2014
Live-action humor

Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub play humorously oblivious versions of themselves
2 seasons of animated humor

Originally aired on Penny Arcade TV
75 episodes of improv

Absurdist podcast co-hosted by David Malki !
An accidental horror meme

I wrote Candle Cove in 2008 and it plagues the internet to this day
Media ambassador for PAX

Handled overflow interviews for all media 2010-2011
Video Games Unplugged

Co-hosted an orchestral evening in Australia with Wil Wheaton and Scott Kurtz
Twice in a row

Returned to Brisbane to host the night again with comedian/presenter Paul Verhoeven
Two studio musicians

A short-lived comic about two friends falling far short of the spotlight
Acquisitions Incorporated

Conceived and animated the intro videos for the live PAX celebrity D&D game in 2012 and 2013
An adventure in unkept promises

My first online offering, meta in the extreme